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Drive your innovation at Packaging Innovations & Empack with talks on three focused stages

Be inspired by the industry experts and brands, leading the way to the future of packaging

With over 35 free-to-attend talks, debates, interviews and more, the conference programme at Packaging Innovations & Empack promises to aid you with your packaging objectives, through educational content, and pioneering solutions from a spectrum of industries, markets and professionals.

Influential speakers are curated and selected from some of the top brands in food, drinks, beauty and personal care, household, contract pack and fulfilment, pharmaceutical and label and print – creating a pool of knowledge sharing and ideas from all sectors.

Explore three focused stages

Join us for a thought provoking conference that spans two days, featuring an array of engaging sessions across three distinct and thought-provoking stages: the Innovation & Design Stage, the Supply Chain & Manufacturing Stage, and the Circular Economy Stage. With over 30 sessions planned, expect an extensive exploration of diverse topics including Sustainability, innovative solutions, the evolution of packaging, insightful company narratives, and an assortment of other compelling subjects.

Our event boasts an impressive line-up of distinguished speakers and industry leaders such as OPRL, IOM3, Innovate UK, Honest Burgers, and several other notable names, guaranteeing a wealth of expertise and insightful discussions. Stay tuned to our timetable for updates, as we continue to unveil more sessions that promise to captivate and inspire.

Delve into two days of hot topics across three stages. 

Targeting the three core elements of packaging; Design & Innovation, Sustainability, and Supply chain processes. All talks and topics combine to provide a 360 overview of everything you need to know that is happening right now in the packaging world, and what is to come in the future. Each stage, and each talk, will address key questions and challenges you may be facing as packaging professionals and brands – join our speakers as they tackle these issues head-on for you!

Supply Chain

A view of end-to-end supply chain processes, from Packaging Innovations, Empack, Contract Pack & Fulfilment, to label & print, software systems, and more.
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Innovation & Design

Our continued Packaging innovations hub of expert design perspectives, with a view to the most innovative and future-forward concepts.
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Circular Economy

Can sustainability in packaging be defined by the objective to move toward a circular economy? Experts consider key elements of production, consumption, and waste management.
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ADF Talks - découvrez l'avenir des aérosols et des systèmes de dispensing

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Les Talks ADF présentent les dernières réflexions sur les plus grands défis et les opportunités futures pour les concepteurs et les ingénieurs, ainsi que les décideurs du marché des aérosols et des dispensings.

Le programme des ADF Talks se concentre sur les principaux défis techniques, de durabilité et de réglementation du marché avec des intervenants experts des plus grandes marques et parties prenantes – le tout présenté sous la forme d’une série de discours, de programmes interactifs, de débats d’experts et de sessions de questions-réponses.

Previous brands speakers:

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"Well organised, good venue, easy to communicate with everyone. The talks have been so popular. There is such a great breath of opportunities and technologies. There is a lot about sustainability and key areas of focus as this is the future!"
Aude Jebrak
Innovative Scientist
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EPR – are you ready?
10:30 am - 11:00 am
 - Circular Economy Co-Sponsored by OPRL & LXD
Global Events Packaging Trends Tracker
11:30 am - 12:00 pm
 - Innovation & Design Co-Sponsored by Ecomlr & The Navigator Company
Creating Belief
2:00 pm - 2:30 pm
 - Innovation & Design Co-Sponsored by Ecomlr & The Navigator Company
Eat My Words
3:30 pm - 4:00 pm
 - Innovation & Design Co-Sponsored by Ecomlr & The Navigator Company

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