12 & 13 Feb 2025
NEC Birmingham

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Supply chain stage session:

BIG Case Study Keynote: Wattron

How digital heating can help reach sustainability goals?
What are the current challenges? We look at the Perfect Storm:
From Energy costs, Labour shortage, Supply chain disruption and the Sustainability agenda (2025…..) To the Expectations of Retail (& Consumer) & Legislator; Competitive marketplace, The Say-Do Gap, Upcoming legislation & taxes. There is no silver bullet, but let’s be brave and start! It’s time to do or die.

Explore Three focused stages

Supply Chain

A view of end-to-end supply chain processes, from Packaging Innovations, Empack, Contract Pack & Fulfilment, to label & print, software systems, and more.
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Innovation & Design

Our continued Packaging innovations hub of expert design perspectives, with a view to the most innovative and future-forward concepts.
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Circular Economy

Can sustainability in packaging be defined by the objective to move toward a circular economy? Experts consider key elements of production, consumption, and waste management.
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