12 & 13 Feb 2025
NEC Birmingham

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Circular economy stage session:

Panel Discussion: The Big Responsibility Debate Part 1: Can we keep costs under control

Trusted advisors and session Chair’s Martin & Jane, will be asking the panel all the questions you may have surrounding the cost of EPR and DRS: How much will modulation shift cost distribution and how can you manage your packaging portfolio to avoid high cost options, what will labelling and consumer education investment be to make recycling effective and avoid rising modulation fees, who will pay – shareholders or consumers, will producers need to supplement collections until councils adopt consistent collections, what’s the inter-play between EPR and DRS, will the data be good enough to ensure modulation works properly, what are the implications for brands of treating each UK nation as a separate market.

Explore Three focused stages

Supply Chain

A view of end-to-end supply chain processes, from Packaging Innovations, Empack, Contract Pack & Fulfilment, to label & print, software systems, and more.
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Innovation & Design

Our continued Packaging innovations hub of expert design perspectives, with a view to the most innovative and future-forward concepts.
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Circular Economy

Can sustainability in packaging be defined by the objective to move toward a circular economy? Experts consider key elements of production, consumption, and waste management.
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