12 & 13 Feb 2025
NEC Birmingham

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FACER. Progressive Printed Packaging

FACER. Plastic-Free Blister Pack

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FACER present the UK’s first commercially to market plastic-free blister pack.

Mitsubishi Uni-Ball, the UK subsidiary of the global Japanese pen and writing instruments brand, made the switch to paper packaging early 2020, eliminating its single-use plastic blister packaging.

The company worked with UK packaging manufacturer FACER, to create its board-to-board plastic-free blister pack, proving that co-solving can spur plastic-free innovation.

Uni-Ball increased its market share in the UK to 38% following the launch, demonstrating not only a consumer demand for innovation, but a new era of design where plastic doesn’t have to be the go-to.

The new paper based pack remains a heat-seal solution that utilises the same machinery and benefits of conventional blister packing.

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