12 & 13 Feb 2025
NEC Birmingham

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ecoLNR Box Liner

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ecoLNR Box Liner

The ecoLNR is an innovative box liner for delivery of chilled, frozen or hot food.
Available in three stock sizes, and is certified as 100% kerbside recyclable.
Capable of keeping contents below 8°C for over 48 hours and below 5°C for 24 hours when used in conjunction with cooling agents.

Space saving, planet saving, time saving and food saving

We found that there is a need within the temperature-controlled packaging industry for a fully sustainable, insulative solution that delivers optimum temperature performance, maximises volumetric shipping space whilst reducing valuable warehouse storage space. The ideal product needed to be a paper based, square bottom bag that could be stored flat and then quickly assembled when required.

The pop-up design allows our customers to reduce the warehouse space required to store their shippers and reduce their overall packing times.
This versatile solution can either be used as a box liner, as a bag to create a chilled area within a larger box or simply used as a shipping bag with no outer box at all.

The ecoLNR is very cost effective against other insulative products in the market and allows ease of packing goods whether it is on a vast scale or smaller businesses and can increase packing time by up to 50% therefore, also saving on packing times and costs.

• Versatile, flexible ‘pop up bag’
• Quick and easy to assemble
• Fully recyclable within household recycling
• Durable
• Reusable
• Space saving design due to being supplied flat
• Range of sizes
• Keeps products below +5°C for up to 24 hours and below +8°C for up to 48 hours using the correct coolants
• Manufactured in the UK.
• Seal strip or label seal option
• Fully Brandable

The ecoLNR comes in three standard stock sizes and our in house design team can create bespoke solutions to suit your operational needs.

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