12 & 13 Feb 2025
NEC Birmingham

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Autobag® Brand 850SP

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The Autobag® Brand 850S Paper High Speed Bagging & Labelling is a fibre based automated packing solution for mail order fulfilment and e-commerce applications.

Designed with e-commerce players in mind, starting with the textile sector, this innovative solution offers the same exceptional features as its predecessor, the 850S, while exclusively using 100% recyclable paper bags.

This all-paper recycle-ready bags system provides high quality seals and can produce up to 8 bags per minute.

It is capable of printing high resolution shipping labels directly on the bags. Next bag-out printing prevents product queuing, reducing waste.

This cutting-edge solution not only minimizes environmental impact by reducing shipping volume and waste, but it also simplifies the sorting process by eliminating labels and glue.

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