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With 1922 as the starting point of our family business, we first introduced ourselves to the market and developed a successful course in the fields of representation and distribution of food, beverages and other relative products.

With 90 years of experience at the time, we dynamically entered the market of disposable food and beverage packaging products on 2010 and quickly became the leading importing company in Greece and the Balkan area in general by importing good from big manufacturing companies all over the world.

In 2015 we introduced the brand TESSERA Bio Products®, the first complete range of disposable food and beverage packaging materials with an ecological orientation.

With strong identity and a purpose, “TESSERA” stands for the Greek word for Number 4 (four), a number of special importance for Nature. Earth, water, fire, air are the 4 dynamic natural elements. Those we want to protect in the years to come, in order to save the planet, the biggest “home” we live in.

This is the reasons why we chose “TESSERA” to be the brand name for our bio friendly products, leaving behind -after use – the minimum environmental footprint!



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