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25 & 26 May 2022 | Hall 1 NEC Birmingham

Innovation Showcase Finalists 2020

Exhibitors submitted their innovations to our online Innovation Gallery and with the help of ThePackHub and PHD Marketing we whittled down our favourites to a top 11 which were displayed onsite at the show in the Innovation Showcase! Visitors can vote for their favourite product with their badge and the winner will be announced on the second day of the show.

Revolutionary bag allows fast and easy cooking!

This unique bag construction simplifies cooking because everything is in the bag, and neither attention nor time is required. No need to punch holes in the bag or stop midway through and stir. Delicious herbs and spices will be released at the exact right time during cooking to ensure perfect seasoning. For the first time ever, all is done in just one step.


This revolutionary bag allows you to cook quickly and easily for your family. The potatoes and butter pat seasoning are stored separately in a dual chamber bag. The steam strip in the bag along with the specially formulated material provides extended shelf life and is at the same time the feature that makes the bag unlike anything else on the market. It is as simple as it gets, and no additional ingredients or mixing are required.

Cambrite Camvert is a fully biodegradable and home compostable decorative metallised acetate film.

Cambrite Camvert is a premium solution for brands who are looking for a fully biodegradable and home compostable decorative metallised film.

Cambrite was originally developed to give maximum brilliance and visual impact for the board lamination market.

Changes in consumer habits and the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions have led Camvac to develop a range of biodegradable and compostable barrier films under Camvac’s Camvert Range.


Used for a range of laminate applications including luxury brand decorative cartons, board lamination, point of sale display items and packaging labels.

Among the dosage forms of medications, liquids are only a small sector compared to tablets or capsules. But there are some benefits like the faster effect after taking or the possibility of very simple individual dosing. Besides, liquids are much easier to swallow. But without good packaging, taking liquids can be frustrating. Everybody knows it, you need liquid medication like cough syrup or dietary supplement and there’s no way to pour it out without spilling.

PACKSYS thought about these problems and created the new pourer called “Lotus”, which combines several benefits in one closure:

  • tamper-evident
  • flip-top closure
  • one hand operation
  • one-piece system made out of pharma grade material
  • Lotus pours out liquids with different viscosity (e.g. oils, syrups, thick fruit juices, alcoholic blends etc.) without spilling, regardless of whether you pour out fast or very slow
  • elegant and timeless design

Innovia Films and the German snack manufacturer, Wildcorn worked together to produce a fully recyclable and sustainable pack.   Wildcorn produces a range of 100% organic, healthy and flavourful snacks. 

The joint project began soon after the launch of Innovia’s Propafilm™ Strata high barrier film which has a very effective barrier to aroma, mineral oils and oxygen even at high relative humidity levels ensuring increased shelf life and reduced food waste.

A lamination of Propafilm™ Strata and a white cavitated OPP was used for the pack construction which was tested by Interseroh who confirmed that it was fully recyclable, awarding the pack the ‘Made for Recycling’ certification.

Propafilm™ Strata BOPP film has been designed to be a standalone mono filmic solution or, to be used in laminate constructions to be ‘recycle ready’, or recyclable in countries that have the infrastructure to recycle polypropylene.

 FFP have launched Esterseal, a resealable pack that has been classified as ‘Recycle’ by OPRL and can be collected in its entirety through the existing waste collection system.

Currently, the majority of local authorities in the UK do not collect flexible films at kerbside, therefore the consumer must remove the lid prior to recycling the tray and dispose of it in their general waste, which is then sent to landfill or for incineration. With the launch of Esterseal, FFP have developed a solution that will ensure zero waste is sent to landfill whilst offering increased consumer convenience. The Esterseal film is not detached from the tray, allowing the consumer to put the entire pack into their pots, tubs and trays kerbside waste stream.

Benefits include:

  • Full pack opening
  • Multiple Re-closings
  • High speed processing on standard lines
  • Packaging reduction – Suitable for replacing PET clip on lids on pots

Delivering a fully circular, reduced CO2 solution for multi-pack products for beverage and grocery sectors, Coveris’ new Duralite™ R range offers a next generation shrink film solution that is both 100% recyclable and contains up to 50% post-consumer recyclate (PCR), plus an optional pre-consumer top-up recycled material. The additional pre-consumer recycled content is provided by Coveris’ own zero-waste circular manufacturing process at its extrusion facilities. The 100% recycled solution Duralite™ R offsets the need for virgin materials whilst still maintaining the same robust performance, optical clarity, line efficiency and award-winning print.

Stagione® is Colpac’s innovative new pack.

It has been designed to meet the complex needs of the Food to Go market.

Constructed from FSC certified kraft microwaveable board in a unique rectangular rolled-top tray design that is recyclable and sustainable.

Available in 3 tray sizes: 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml. All with the same top size meaning one tool for lidding and one size of lid, in three materials: plug fit PP or anti-mist rPET lids and a vented kraft paperboard lid.

Stagione® has significant merchandising benefits:

  • the shape and rigidity enable shelf density and stack-ability
  • certified for hot hold cabinets
  • uninterrupted print face for branding or labelling


For consumers, it offers a pack which is easy to transport, reseal and eat from on the go.

Stagione® is a stock item and can be customized with a variety of lining and print options including compost-ability. Visit Colpac on stand D10 to find out more information on this exciting new launch.

The patent protected i2r Ultra™ is an innovative aluminium smoothwall food container designed and manufactured by i2r Packaging Solutions. The product uses a new style of embossing to dramatically increase stress resistance, thereby reducing the weight, price point and environmental impact of the product.

In development, i2r partnered with Wolverhampton University to progress the detailed and complex project. Utilising finite element analysis prediction software, the stronger, yet lightweight tray design subsequently underwent significant independent scientific testing and validation. The specialist rib and base configuration provides an increase in structural strength and delivers a reduction in weight against market equivalents.


The inclusion of an Alu recyclable logo and a ‘rinse & recycle’ message, helps provide the consumer with a clear and strong environmental call-to-action, assisting to further promote the already high levels of aluminium recycling.

i2r Ultra™ is currently being marketed globally.

Box Latch® is an innovative and easy-to-use, box flap closure system that enables many forms of packaging to be re-used multiple times, as opposed to the one-off use of tape and staples. The innovation is distributed by Item Products, the UK’s leading designer and producer of components for the packaging industry.


By integrating the product into their supply chain systems, operations and supply chain managers are able to reduce material costs. The longer term benefits of Box Latch are enabling companies to reach their waste reduction targets, improve supply chain sustainability and create leaner manufacturing, all with an innovative, low technology solution.


Provided in black with other colours available on request, the re-usable closures come in a medium or large size and are made from 100% recycled plastic and are fully recyclable – bio or compostable alternatives are also available.

GMG Color developed OpenColor to overcome some of the key proofing and profiling complications of the packaging and label industry. In particular, colour-accurate reproductions of print processes that utilise spot colours and multicolour (ECG) separations with more than the traditional four-colour printing process sets (CMYK).

GMG OpenColor is the only software on the market to provide accurate proof simulations of the overprinting effects of spot colours. Through the use of true spectral data calculations, it creates high-quality multicolour profiles that simulate the printing behaviour of diverse printing technologies, media types, and screenings. OpenColor provides spot colour prediction on any substrate without fingerprinting, and with results so reliable that profile iterations are no longer necessary.

With GMG OpenColor installed, you can build reliable proofing and separation profiles through the measurement of only 36 colour patches. This makes it possible to print live work at the same time as profiling the press.

After extensive R&D at our end, Shakoflex has successfully commercialised the front-loading zipper. This helps filling the bag without hindrance on the pickn’fil equipment without fear of the zip closing during packaging and transportation.


Front Load Zipper incorporated in our pouches if you have a problem of zip closed on your automatic filling line thus causing line stoppage, Shakoflex introduces the FLZ thus totally eliminating this problem.

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