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3 & 4 March 2021 | Halls 11-12 Birmingham

The BIG Carbon Debate

We’ve seen plastic use has been the top of the agenda for a while and is currently a bigger consideration than carbon footprint, but is this a mistake, fueled by public demand?
It’s very encouraging that new laws are being passed to fight plastic litter. Unfortunately, while these laws may reduce the most visible form of plastic pollution, it could be at the expense of other environmental impacts. That’s because, somewhat ironically, disposable plastic bags require fewer resources (land, water, CO2 emissions, etc.) to produce than paper, cotton or reusable plastic bags—by a wide margin.
Enter The BIG Carbon Debate… curated in association with The Foodservice Packaging Association and OPRL .

Sponsored by On-Pack Recycling Labelling (OPRL) developing simple and consistent recycling labels for packaging, helping consumers recycle more in the UK.

What to expect from The BIG Carbon Debate

The BIG Carbon Debate, which has evolved from the show’s popular BIG Plastic Debate feature, will continue to move the conversation forward by unpicking the challenges of creating packaging that is truly eco-friendly throughout its entire lifecycle, instead of focussing solely on plastic and its alternatives.

Day 1 saw an expert panel assess the battle between convenience vs sustainability and the consumers role within this, while Day 2 held a debate that will question if net-zero carbon targets can be met without the use of plastic packaging. 

Speakers for 2020

Leading industry experts came together on the Ecopack Stage at Packaging Innovations 2020 to debate one of the industry’s hottest topics – sustainability


Nick Brown, Head of Sustainability


Peter Maddox, Director


Margaret Bates, Executive Director


Richard Kirkman, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer - UK & Ireland

Innovia Films War on Carbon

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