Speaker bio Jane Skelton - Packaging Innovations Birmingham

The future of branded and inspirational packaging

3 & 4 March 2021 | Halls 11-12 Birmingham

Jane Skelton

Program Manager, OPRL Limited

I studied Audio Visual Design at University and have always had a keen interest in all aspects of technology, design and basically how things work. 

I have spent the last 20 years plus working in food retail, packaging technology and design. Within the retail sector I have worked Iceland, Safeway, Tesco, M&S & Sainsburys. My longest tenure was with Sainsbury’s where I worked for 10 years originally as a member of the packaging technology team before taking over as Head of Packaging in 2013. I ran all aspects of Sainsbury’s branded Packaging, design, artwork, print & packaging technology. 

I am passionate about making consumers lives easier, packaging should be intuitive from what if tells you on the pack to how it opens or performs. Packaging itself is part of the product as should be treated the same as an ingredient. 

I am currently consulting in packaging and working with OPRL on what we can do using data and technology to help our members choose the right materials with recycling in mind as well as product protection and performance, as well as how we can make recycling easier for citizens. Our aim is to dramatically increase the recycling rates in the UK. 

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