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16 & 17 February 2022 | Hall 1 NEC Birmingham

U2 Pro S


With primary packaging, there are a lot of different forms of packaging that require printing or coding. The Anser U2 Pro S can apply coding to foil, film, metal jar lids, glossy cartons, labels and, of course, boxes.

Regular service requirements or engineer call outs required to change a printer cartridge, reducing maintenance cost.

No need to flush or clean out the system when the printer cartridge needs replacing, reducing downtime.

Brand new Print head replaced at the same time as the cartridge, ensuring optimum print quality.

Up to 13 different font sizes to choose from to maximise the number of prints that can be made from one single cartridge compared to previous models.

With the cartridges designed for simple replacement, changing from a Black ink cartridge to a White Ink or Yellow within can be done within seconds. No need for cleaning / flushing the system out or any unnecessary engineering callout times and cost. Every time a cartridge is replaced, so is the print head with no extra cost. The U2 Products are the most versatile printers in the industry, capable of High Quality printing on Both Primary & Secondary packaging solutions without any mess.





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