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16 & 17 February 2022 | Hall 1 NEC Birmingham

The Schur®StarLight Machine


The Schur®StarLight Concept is a unique and simple combination of a small footprint packaging machine and pre-made, resealable bags.

Pre-made Schur®StarLight bags are fed, opened, filled and sealed on the machine. The Schur®StarLight bags are linked together as a unique string, and this feature ensures simplicity, flexibility and efficiency in the packing process.

Recloseability is the prime feature of a Schur®StarLight Bag, and this is supplied by means of an integrated zipper. The range of bag constructions, all featuring recloseability, is comprised of pillow bags and stand-up bags with doy or gusseted bottoms. Additional features include windows, suspension holes, euro-slots, handles, perforations and laser scores. Likewise ventilation holes, micro-perforations and valves are available as options.

In addition to the unique simplicity offered by the Schur®StarLight Concept, further benefits include extreme efficiency, unique flexibility and utmost reliability:

* Low investment
* High automation
* Bag resealability
* Easy to operate, to maintain and to clean
* Mobile and easy to relocate
* Schur®StarLight was designed to offer unique advantages for
practically any market segment:

* Bag films available include polyethylene, bio-films, polypropylene and
* All bags have an integrated zipper for recloseability
* Bags are available in various formats and styles, with multiple
* Bags can be supplied unprinted or with up to 10 colour print, plus a
range of lacquer options
* Capacity up to 25 bags per minute, up to 2.5 kg product weight
* The machine offers quick change-over times enabling packing of
multiple products on the same line
* Filling can be made manually, semi-automated and fully automated
* The machine can be combined with filling, counting and weighing
equipment and a labelling unit or a direct printing unit – for logo,
barcode, batch identification or QR code applications

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