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16 & 17 February 2022 | Hall 1 NEC Birmingham

Pronomic Lifting Trolleys


The Pronomic Lift & Drive series is the original, mobile ergonomic lifting trolley for a variety of lifting applications.

There are many models and configurations available in the Lift & Drive series, offering you a selection of devices and tooling for your workplace.

The Pronomic E (Eco) model has a lifting capacity of 90kg & is the first choice in environments such as pharmacies, commercial catering & archives.

The IE model is great compromise between the strong P & the sleek E models & has a lifting capacity of 90kg.

The Pronomic P (Professional) Lift & Drive Trolleys are our largest, most powerful & flexible in the Pronomic family & have a lifting capacity of 325kg.

The Pronomic Service Lifter is a lightweight modular trolley with a standard platform or range of lifting devices including weighing scales. Maximum capacity is 100kg.

Our Pronomic Wheel Lifter has supports the removal & fitting of wheels on cars, mini buses, coaches between 30kg to 175kg.

The Pronomic Expand & Turn is an ergonomic lifting attachment which is used with the Lift & Drive P model to lift reels & rolls of up to 100kg from within the core.

The Pronomic Squeeze & Turn is an ergonomic drum & barrel handling solution with unique electric battery operated drum clamp. Lifting capacity from 60kg to 225kg.

We also provide a wide range of options and accessories to adapt your Pronomic Lifting Trolley to ensure it solves your handling challenge.

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