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16 & 17 February 2022 | Hall 1 NEC Birmingham

PACKSYS Mini Pill 7


Minipills are a new kind of medication mainly for babies, kids and elderly people. These little tablets are shaped like a ball. Without a dispensing system, it is really difficult to count and to take the correct amount of minipills. The cap helps all patients to take their medication in a hygienic way without hand contact and provides maximum safety with tamper-evidence and child resistance if necessary.

The Mini Pill 7 also offers advantages to the drugmakers. Without container the dispenser consists of only two plastic parts, the dispenser itself and the cap. The button which looks like the number seven is bent immediately after the injection moulding process to place it over the little tube where the pills came out. This idea allows us to produce the whole dispensing unit in only one part by reducing costs. Of course all used materials comply with the European Pharmacopeia.



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