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16 & 17 February 2022 | Hall 1 NEC Birmingham

PACKSYS Lotus Pourer


Without a good packaging, taking liquids can be frustrating. You need liquid medication like cough syrup or dietary supplement and there’s no way to pour it out without spilling. The bottle thread is wet and should be cleaned before closing. Otherwise sugar-containing liquids will cause adhesion between bottle and closure after drying. Opening the bottle gets more and more difficult. Little better than syrups are oils e.g. for skin care. They are always easy to open, but after a short period of time the whole bottle is oily, prints on the bottle dissolve or labels peel away. And wherever the bottle stood, oily rings are left behind.

There are already solutions for these problems on the market, but often not with pharmaceutical materials. And their function depends on the viscosity of the filled in liquid, so if the pourer is suitable for oils, it doesn’t work with alcoholic liquids.

PACKSYS thought about these problems and created the new pourer called “Lotus”, which combines several benefits in one closure. First, it is made out of pharma grade material and is therefore suitable for both, pharma and food products. With the PP28 thread it fits on a wide range of standard bottles in glass or plastics. Lotus is only one piece. This requires a very intelligent tool concept. It was important for us to produce the pourer in mono-material for recycling reasons. Comparable products are assembled components in different materials and therefore not recyclable. Lotus is a tamper evident closure with protection between bottle and closure and a small seal on the flip-top lid, which only breaks when first used. The flip-top lid is very easy to open, even with only one hand. Lotus pours out liquids with different viscosity without spilling, regardless whether you pour out fast or very slow. At PACKSYS we tested Lotus with different kind of oils, syrups, thick fruit juices and even alcoholic blends. Depending on the product viscosity, it is also possible to dose single drops.

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