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Opinionated about the top challenges facing the packaging industry

Packaging In Focus is the new quarterly publication that brings together voices from the different corners of the packaging market. These experts will shine a light on the upcoming trends, share their experiences on the latest challenges and inspirational design ideas with you. Each issue will hone in on a different industry sector from Food & Beverage, Cosmetics & Beauty, Spirits to FMCG & Household products. 

You can expect to read advice on the upcoming government policy, gain insight into the latest trends from sustainability, refillable solutions to label and printing techniques, hear brand case studies and see the developments on the markets from suppliers tackling your issues. If you want to stay up to date and gain informed information from industry leaders look no further…subscribe today!

Articles from journalists and brand...

Packaging In Focus brings together voices from around the packaging industry to share their thoughts, first-hand experiences and expert insights on the current industry challenges.

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