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16 & 17 February 2022 | Hall 1 NEC Birmingham

XPO Logistics Introduces Its First Duo Trailer in Spain


XPO Logistics, a leading global provider of transport and logistics solutions, has introduced its first duo trailer and announced pilot project in Spain at an event held at the Circuit of Jarama (Madrid). The company expects to test its first duo trailer on a daily route between its distribution centers in Madrid and Barcelona.
A duo trailer is a combination of a single truck towing two standard trailers and is considered to be the largest road transport solution to be tested in Europe. It has a length of 31.75 meters, with the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by an estimated 25% to 30% per trip compared with the same freight moved on traditional trucks.
XPO’s testing of the duo trailer will be part of a collaborative research and development project between the company and other transport providers, industry manufacturers and the General State Administration of Spain. The test results will contribute to an assessment of the suitability of duo trailer use in Spain and appropriate regulations.
Massimo Marsili, managing director, transport – Iberia, XPO Logistics, said, “We are excited to explore the capabilities of the duo trailer and capture data in real-life conditions in collaboration with the State Administration. This is an opportunity for us to achieve new environmental and economic efficiencies for our customers and further contribute to the future of freight transport.”
Duo trailer research and development is another example of XPO’s commitment to lead the transport sector through innovation. XPO is known as a transport pioneer in Spain, where the company was one of the first to introduce mega-trucks to lower its carbon footprint.

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