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26 & 27 February 2020 | NEC, Birmingham



Recyclable | Mono-material | Barrier Solution

With recyclability as driving force, we have designed and recently launched in the market a new generation of flexible packaging solutions: X-CYCLE. This recycle-ready, barrier films range that we have developed is now being further reinforced with a complete series of mono-material solutions destined for the PE recycling stream: X-CYCLE PE.

X-CYCLE PE is our breakthrough technology, most recently introduced in the market. For the development of this packaging range, the target we set for it to achieve was twofold: a) Compatibility for recycling through the PE recycling stream, and b) High-performance packaging that meets the diversified needs and requirements of our customers internationally.

The laminates of this recyclable category are constructed exclusively from polyethylene films, either as duplex or as triplex film formulations, depending on the packaging requirements for each packed product. The novel films combine high-protective properties, high-performance, excellent printability, and many-fold add-on packaging functionalities together.

Complementing the sustainability benefits already offered by flexibles, the advantages brought by the novel X-Cycle PE films are summarized as follows:

1. Recycle-Ready design
2. Resource Efficiency
3. High-Barrier properties
4. Excellent shelf-appeal
5. High-performance

Our X-CYCLE PE solutions are today suitable for packaging of various demanding products such as coffee, nuts, dehydrated foods and much more, serving as the perfect fit to the circular economy.

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