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16 & 17 February 2022 | Hall 1 NEC Birmingham

EARTH PACKAGING: Sirane develops alternative to plastic tree-guards


“PLASTIC tree guards are a plague on new woodland” screamed a headline in The Times last month – well Sirane has developed a sustainable alternative…

Around 200 million plastic sapling protectors have been deployed by the Woodland Trust, Forestry England, the National Trust and private landowners in the past four decades – and the article claims many are just left to rot in the wild.

Sirane has developed a solution – a water-resistant sapling protector/tree guard which will eventually compost, removing the need for anyone to go and retrieve it – something which in many instances, they are legally bound to at least try to do.

However, The Times quotes a spokesperson from the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, who claims recovering them is beyond the capabilities of most landowners.

Karl Heggarty, sales manager for Sirane Horticultural, said: “This was raised with Sirane as an issue a while ago, and we’ve been developing an alternative for a while. As it happens, we were just about to release the product to the market.

“Our Earthboard sapling protectors are made from a unique water-resistant card. They have the necessary shelf-life to protect the saplings but will eventually break down – so there’s no time needed to spend retrieving them.

“They have anti-fungal coating and are additionally treated with ‘spices’ which deter rodents and deer etc. All in all, they are a great eco-friendly alternative.”

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