12 & 13 Feb 2025
NEC Birmingham

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Customer Case Study: Evolving Stability

Customer Case Study: Evolving Stability

Saving time, money and materials for a leading supplier of business consumables

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Experts in workplace supplies, our customer looked to us to help optimise their pallet wrapping process. When we first visited the customer their pay-per-wrap contract was almost up – the ideal time for us to step in to improve load stability whilst also reducing costs and plastic usage.

The Problem
A lack of clarity in the pricing structure meant that they had inconsistent pallet wrapping prices with costs varying from 40p – 80p with little transparency or reporting capabilities.
The wrapping machines in use were only stretching the film around 200% resulting in a higher plastic consumption than necessary. Despatch operators were manually adding weight labels to the pallets by individually weighing the pallet on standalone scales and then writing the weight on a despatch label.

Our Solution
We replaced all the existing machines with our ultra highperformance wrapping machines and Extremus film. The pallet wrap can now be stretched to an incredible 300%, from a previous 200%, resulting in an immediate reduction of plastic usage per pallet to just 93 grams and a saving of over 35%.
The two new Atlanta turntable pallet wrapping machines include fully integrated weighing scales with linked label printers so that weight labelling is now as simple as a
press of a button; increasing efficiency and accuracy and removing manual tasks.
We provide clear reporting on all packaging costs, including the pay per wrap cost, every month. The simple, transparent structure allows for one price for despatch machines and one for all the rest.

300% material stretch
93g fully recyclable plastic per pallet
35% plastic reduction
24/7 performance monitoring

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