Versatile printing with TIJ printers from T-Mark


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Versatile printing with TIJ printers from T-Mark

Sojet’s E1S prints date and batch information clearly onto metal, plastic and glass packaging

T-Mark will be exhibiting its full range of thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers at the Packaging & Innovations exhibition this year, on stand B22. The printers demonstrate how manufacturers can replace labels with high-resolution prints direct onto most types of food and pharma packaging.

T-Mark offers well-conceived range of fixed position and hand-held printers printing either ½” or 1” high with one printhead. The machines have been selected for their ease of use, low maintenance needs and value-based pricing.

One of the most popular printers is Sojet’s Elfin E1S. Using one ½”/12.7mm printhead, the printer can be installed onto a production line to produce a high-resolution mark for batch, date, logo and barcode information on products including plastic pots, foil lids, aluminium cans and bottles and glass jars.  

Sojet’s Elfin E1S printer with one printhead.

Sojet’s E1S printing down onto aluminium bottle tops.

Sharp, high-resolution print quality on a curved plastic surface with Sojet’s TIJ printers.
Sojet’s V1H handheld printer scanning a barcode. It can reprint the information as a machine readable code or as text and digits.

The Elfin range of printers from Sojet is available with up to 6 printheads to print 75mm/3” high.

One of the key advantages of Sojet’s thermal inkjet printers is that they are very low maintenance. Each ink cartridge contains an integrated printhead so any problems with the print can generally be solved by swapping out the ink cartridge for a new one. This eliminates the need for regular call outs for servicing and technical support.

T-Mark is a core distributor of the Sojet range and, thanks to their ease of use, finds few customers experience any problems with the printers.

For smaller batches, printing individual items with a handheld device may be more suitable. T-Mark offers a handheld printer from Sojet, the V1H, which includes scan-to-print functionality and can reproduce barcode and QR code information in a variety of formats.

A range of handheld TIJ printers from Chinese manufacturer, Bentsai, is also available, which can print from 12.7mm to 100mm in height.

The smallest in the range is the pocket-sized B10, which is programmed via your mobile phone. Inks come in a variety of colours suitable for printing onto porous and non-porous surfaces.

Bentsai’s B10 printer is the ultimate portable printer.

The larger cousin of the B10 is the B3 printer, which has all the same functionality, but is larger and has a handle for ease of use. 

The B3 is ideal for marking small batches of products with expiration dates, bar codes, batch numbers or logos onto packaging, all of which can be programmed into the machine or uploaded via USB stick. 

Larger still, the B35 printer’s major innovation is that it uses a 1” (25mm) high cartridge as standard, printing twice the height of the industry standard ink cartridge 

Bentsai’s B3 printer prints 12.7mm high onto a variety of surfaces, including plastic.

Bentsai’s B35 printer prints twice the height of a standard HP cartridge and is very versatile.

Finally, the largest printer in the range is the B85. This printer uses 4 of the 1” high cartridges to print 4”/10cm high. This makes the printer ideal for creating signs, logos or images with high impact on a variety of surfaces.

The Bentsai printers all have a ‘group print’ function, which enables the user to include several messages to build up detailed product information on each item. For example, a manufacturer may wish to include the manufacture date, expiry date and batch number as well as their logo and possibly a barcode. With each sweep of the printer the next message in the group is automatically selected so that an increasingly detailed package of information is included in the marking direct onto the packaged product. 

The full range of TIJ printers is available online from T-Mark’s e-commerce site, The company has recently opened a distribution centre in Belgium so can now fulfil all orders from the EU from within the EU, cutting down time lost to customs paperwork and checks when exporting from the UK.  Discounts are available for dealers and resellers.  

For advice on the best printer to suit your needs or to find out about the free support available for self-installations, contact or call 0870 803 1877.   

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