HP Webinar: Molded Fiber Tooling: Digital tooling solution that sustainably transforms the packaging industry

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16 & 17 February 2022 | Hall 1 NEC Birmingham

Webinar: Transforming the packaging industry by accelerating the transition away from single use plastics to sustainable molded fiber solutions.

HP Molded Fiber Advanced tooling solution is a breakthrough technology to produce molded fiber tooling. 

In this webinar you will uncover, in more depth, the key benefits of this approach:

  •  Accelerating transition away from single-use plastics to sustainable molded fiber solutions
  •  Faster time to market
  •  Making molded fiber packaging even more sustainable
  •  Providing brand-differentiating molded packaging designs – including embossing, markings and advanced textures
  •  Enabling more brands to quickly and creatively convert to fiber-based packaging
  •  Improved packaging quality with a better tool and part consistency enabled by digital design and manufacture 

HP's sustainable tooling solution

Our HP tooling solution is based upon sustainable sourcing of natural and recycled fibers (both non-wood and wood-based), as well as high recycle rates and complete compostability of the finished packaging components.

Our solution supports the existing paper-based recovery system and also has applications within food preservation and waste reduction.

The solution supports the broader objectives around reduced plastic packaging usage and supports HP’s overall Sustainability objectives, which include reducing our plastic packaging by 75% by 2025. These plastic-reduction objectives are consistent with many other brands as well.

HP´s vision is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere — every person, every organization, and every community around the globe. The HP Molded Fiber Advanced Tooling Solution provides manufacturers of molded fiber products expanded tooling capabilities for greater production efficiencies and design opportunities, to offer more value with custom features. A tailored solution for fast, quality molded fiber production

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