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25 May 10:00 - 17:00 & 26 May 10:00 - 16:00 2022 | Hall 1 NEC Birmingham

Easyfairs Packaging Portfolio Impartiality Statement

Easyfairs and its UK packaging portfolio of events is committed to remaining impartial across all aspects of its events and the communications that take place before, during and after them.

We appreciate that this commitment is vital to the trust of our audiences, including exhibitors, visitors and partners, and strive to ensure that all of our events are inclusive and reflect a broad range of perspectives. We are committed to presenting an array of subject matters and opinions across our events as a whole, whilst ensuring that no significant belief or school of thought is under-represented.

Impartiality is applied to all of Easyfairs’ seminar content and due weight is given to each of the main opinions and strands of thought relating to the topics covered at our events. When additional content focused on industry issues is produced before, during or after the show, including web copy, press releases and video content, we will endeavour to present all significant strands of debate.

When our event content highlights contentious issues, we take care not to endorse any one view, or allow the event to be used by individuals or organisations to campaign for change in industry or public opinion. However, this does not prevent our events from highlighting relevant industry issues and offering our visitors and exhibitors various choices on how to confront them.

In the context of the industry issue of ‘plastics and plastics alternatives’, the Easyfairs packaging events remain entirely committed to impartiality.  The events strive to provide audiences with a balanced representation of the packaging industry, inclusive of ALL packaging materials (plastics and plastic alternatives), as well as a fair representation of packaging and processing machinery. The event does not allow or endorse external lobbying on either side of this debate. It is, however, committed to providing a stage for debate.     

Easyfairs recognises that the actions of partners, associates, exhibitors and staff can also affect the perception of our events’ impartiality and we closely monitor the activity of all those associated with the business. Antagonistic behaviour, language or campaigning is not permitted as part of the event programme or format.

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