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16 & 17 February 2022 | Hall 1 NEC Birmingham


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Granby Marketing Services has been at the forefront of the revolution taking place within the logistics industry. We have been leading the charge into the next generation using cutting-edge technology to help clients connect with their customers.

From a macro perspective, we’re simply a third party logistics company but if you take a closer look, we’re far more complex with services involving contract packing, promotional marketing and customer services and we take great pride in the fact that we are not limited in our wide range of expertise.

Our knowledge of packaging and marketing has exponentially evolved from when we began our journey over 60 years ago and is a testament to our ability to succeed in a constantly changing world. We work with both Blue Chip and Small-Medium clients on some of the most ambitious and exciting fulfilment projects to date, offering solutions to the problems that no-one else can. From L’Oréal to Nespresso, we have helped an endless range of brands including, Boots, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges reach their true potential utilising our top-of-the-line facilities to fulfil their orders.

We use years of in-house experience to promise the best logistics experience available utilising the talent of an increasingly skilled workforce combined with an ever-expanding array of apparatus. Granby spares no resource in providing the best value for service with our streamlined approach to what could otherwise be a struggle to manage.

We have won countless awards due to our diligence and commitment to our clients. We recently won 2 COGs awards; for print management and innovation, which are nominated by the Institute of Promotional Marketing, and we were also branded the “Co-pack and fulfilment company of the year” at the UK packaging awards. SwiftReciept is evidence of our ability to innovate. We designed a service with consumer ease in mind every step of the way. Its function has allowed us to craft new bridges between merchant and customer through its promise of rewards and promotions at the blink of an eye. Its utilised using receipt-validation technology which allows customers to simply take a picture of their receipt which is then processed and validated to redeem rewards and gifts. We spent a lot of time thinking about how we could enhance the shopping experience and reinvigorate the boring high-street strolls with the energy of the digital world, and it resulted in SwiftReciept, our way of combining the future with the past.

Granby understands the threat posed to nature with the progression of industry and other rising factors such as plastic dumps and landfill waste which is why we have dramatically reduced the amount of plastic used in production. Nature means the world to us, so we are taking steps in order to reduce our total carbon footprint and become more sustainable throughout the years. We use recyclable and biodegrading materials to lessen our effect on wildlife.

We at Granby believe in what we do; our mission is directed by our morals of trust, honesty, unity, integrity and being innovative. Not only are our values a guideline towards providing an esteemed service but they motivate us to focus on our priority of customer satisfaction and It’s a privilege to be working with some of the most established organisations across the globe.


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