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GMG Color has developed colour management software and prototyping solutions to overcome some of the key proofing and profiling complications of the packaging industry.

Our patented technology, GMG OpenColor, provides accurate spot colour prediction on any substrate without fingerprinting – with results so reliable that profile iterations are no longer necessary. It’s the only software on the market to provide accurate proof simulations of the overprinting effects of spot colours, through the use of spectral data calculations. With GMG OpenColor installed, you can build a reliable proofing profile with as few as 36 CMYK patches, making it possible to print live work at the same time as profiling the press.

When combining GMG OpenColor with an Epson SC-S80600, you have the added ability to output colour accurate and repeatable mock-ups and prototypes on media including film, foils and folding carton.

Packaging professionals also turn to GMG ColorProof to proof even challenging colour and material combinations. Using GMG’s unique MX device link profile to calibrate inkjet printers, ColorProof ensures that chosen printers, anywhere worldwide with a GMG system, will deliver the colour output you’re expecting.

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