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17 & 18 June 2021 | Hall 1 Birmingham

Combi Shots

About us

Combi Shots is a new packaging concept. It is a multi-container connection system that allows the mixing of substances at the point of use.
The mix happens in a sterile, water and air -tight environment.
This engineered mechanism allows you to combine two or more shots with no limits.
The container shape, size and material can vary depending on the substance and sector to be adapted to.

Combi Shots gives the consumer total freedom of choice in what to mix, how much to mix, and ultimately how much to spend.
Due to its versatility, Combi Shots can be applied to many sectors and products, including various types of drinks and foods, paint, nail varnish, medication, adhesives, chemicals, baby food, pet food and so on…

We are at prototyping stage. We are looking for manufacturers or product suppliers willing to collaborate with us.


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