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Veeglow Industries is an India based manufacturer of high quality dispensing and non-dispensing plastic closures for the household, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, amongst others.

Led by a team with 30+ years experience that annually processes over 36,000 tonnes for the plastics’ FMCG market, Veeglow is on a mission:

“to bring you the finest products at competitive pricing and to be your reliable manufacturing partner whilst aligning itself with your mid to long term objectives.”

Through this synergistic relationship and by bridging the communication and mindset gap, we strive to be your first choice for first-rate closures.

We promote teamwork and cooperation at all levels of our organisation, thus achieving a shared purpose. Due to this there is drive, alignment and a collective sense of belonging. Our staff are happier and more motivated, and this drives high performance at all levels.

At VEEGLOW, we place great value on delivering outstanding customer service. We have a single-service standard for each of our valued customers. Whether you are large or small, our desire to excel in terms of service remains unequivocally constant. We work tirelessly on having relationships based on transparency, honesty and feedback.

We strive to be a dependable supply chain partner. In the midst of a global supply chain disruption, VEEGLOW provides an new reliable supply chain due to our geographical location and India’s emergence as a global export hub.

At VEEGLOW, quality is of the utmost importance. Our careful quality control procedures, state of the art epoxy floored facility, and automated assembly lines ensures that our products achieve the highest sanitary standard.

Every component we make meets the highest levels of quality control so you can be sure your customers can continue to rely on your good judgement.

Our team’s extensive industry and technical knowledge in combination with our advanced technology allows VEEGLOW to drive efficiency and offer customers customizable options. This includes unique colour choices, specific design requests and concept to manufacturing projects.


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