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3 & 4 March 2021 | Halls 11-12 Birmingham

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Bytronic Automation presents HotSpot™ – non-contact thermal imaging system

The perfect solution for checking hot-melt glue applications, HotSpot™ , is just one of the company’s ground-breaking innovations.

On any given day at Bytronic Automation’s Innovation Campus, a diverse group can be found discussing complex manufacturing challenges, each bringing their area of expertise and approach. With a wide range of complementary skills available to reach the best solution, innovation at Bytronic is an agile process based on the effective integration of cross-functional teams.

“Our team serves manufacturers as both a responsive development partner and innovative solution provider,” explains John Dunlop, Bytronic Co-Founder and Technical Director. “Active participation in our customer’s pursuit of manufacturing excellence is one of our key differentiators”.

Long-standing relationships with Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, JLR, Aston-Martin, ABInBev and Coca-Cola Enterprises are based on a deep understanding of the requirements and identifying innovations that can improve performance. Customers in Automotive, FMCG and Logistics industries regularly approach the Bytronic team for problem-solving innovations and then roll-out multiple instances of those solutions across their enterprise. Most recently, the Bytronic team extended operations into the world’s largest global logistics company, Amazon.

“We strongly believe that innovation is a means to customers’ success by way of commercial growth, operational performance, improved competitiveness and process optimisation. Innovation is a way solve the problem, but to be truly successful, the solution needs to be built on a solid foundation of understanding,” explains Stewart Jackson who leads the team’s technical sales department.

Having practical experience working with automotive, packaging and logistics companies for over twenty years; Bytronic’s success is born from applying technology to solve very specific problems. A recent example is the development of our HotSpot™, a solution to measure hot glue application for carton packaging.

Dunlop explains, “A global bottling company was experiencing an issue whereby beer cartons were inadequately sealed. Hot-melt glue, used to seal cartons, was improperly placed and at an incorrect temperature. The customer was only learning of the issue when collapsing cartons of beer arrived at the retail customer and pallets were rejected.”

A painful issue affecting their brand and end consumer, the bottler was consequently incurring shipping and lost product costs.
Bytronic learned that in typical carton packaging, quality control is conducted via a destructive and subjective manual rip test. Sample cartons are removed from the production line each hour and ripped apart to determine seal quality.

“Working closely with the customer, we developed HotSpot™ which uses non-contact thermal imaging technology to deliver hot-melt glue application quality inspection. As a direct result of this innovation, this customer has implemented HotSpot’s technical specifications into their global specifications for carton packaging machines,” reveals John.

The team’s strength lies in the application and integration of technology. The company’s solutions, be it ready-made or bespoke, are the convergence of innovative hardware, software and oftentimes ground-breaking engineering. The team firmly believes that their partners’ expertise adds to their ability.

“Strong technology partnerships with Cognex and industry-leading thermal imaging company FLIR, enable Bytronic to provide the most comprehensive solutions, allowing us to focus on being the best at our specialties, while incorporating the expertise of other companies,” explains Stewart.

Collaboration, innovation, problem-solving expertise and sustainable developments are at the core of Bytronic solutions. Designed in such a way as to offer an immediate resolution of the challenges at hand and also respond to future optimisation, the team is always innovating, always curious and always ready for the next challenge.


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