12 & 13 Feb 2025
NEC Birmingham

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About us

Established in 1991, Aslan Plastik has achieved day-by-day growth in the sector by combining its advanced experience in the packaging sector with innovative technology. As Aslan Plastik, we initially developed products for the sector with a small production center. Nowadays, we supply products to all major-manor actors of the sector with a more developed production capacity. Our company has managed to reach today in the focus of important goals such as increasing production capacity, production quality, producing quality and affordable products, contributing to employment. Our expert staff working in our company has brought value to Aslan Plastik brand with its ideas and equipment in this process.

High quality product and advanced production capacity
When we started as Aslan Plastik brand, we aimed at a general, not a specific audience. Plastic products that large-scale companies can demand have set ground for small and medium-sized companies to demand the same quality products with the advanced production capacity of our company. With the advanced technology infrastructure, equipment, expanded production capacity, expert staff and professional management of our company, all small – medium –large-sized companies can make acquainted with the quality of Aslan Plastik. In our company, where advanced experience in the plastic packaging sector meets technology and meticulous workmanship, professionalism becomes prominent at every stage from employees to management. Our company, which produces branded plastic packaging – bags for companies with or without a logo, signs productions that increase the brand value of customers.

Fast production with innovative technology
While carrying out production under the name of Aslan Plastik brand, we closely follow the innovations and integrate them rapidly. We are closely related to every situation or every development that the sector is in. Our company, which prefers state-of-the-art high-quality production machines, always carries the quality standard higher. Aslan Plastik carries out high quality production without compromising its professionalism and without ignoring customer satisfaction. As a company, we do not compromise on our affordable price principle when designing and producing the highest quality products. Our company goals include to reach every business, every company, from small to large. Our company attaches importance to both technology and R & D studies in order to take care of the needs of the sector and develop functional products. For this reason, Aslan Plastik services meets customers with an affordable price advantage.

Our Vision
To become one of the leading names in the packaging industry, to follow the technology closely, to have an ever-increasing business volume, to produce the products needed by real person way.

Our Mission
To be a company that is 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly, taking care of human health and appealing to everyone with its prices in the packaging sector.

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