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Interview with FPA Executive Chairman Martin Kersh

We recently spoke with FPA Executive Chairman Martin Kersh; here are some of the highlights:

Interviewer: I’d like to ask you some questions about the Foodservice Packaging Association’s (FPA) latest partnership with Easyfairs. Please can you tell me more about the relationship between FPA and Easyfairs? 

FPA Executive Chairman Martin Kersh: “I’ve always attended Packaging Innovations since it came on stream; I started by attending the shows and then eventually got involved with the Big Debate, which I co-chair with Jane Bevis of OPRL. I have also known and respected Josh Brooks for many years, and it’s fair to say that the relationship has grown during his time at Easyfairs as it has with the Easyfairs team. The concept of a dedicated Foodservice Packaging Zone has been a couple of years in the making, but we are delighted to be able to launch it in February. 

Interviewer: What are the reasons for partnering with Packaging Innovations, specifically? 

Martin Kersh: It’s the excellent businesses that exhibit; be they FPA members, non-FPA members, and non-foodservice packaging, they are names we know and respect. Packaging Innovations is our number one show; it is dedicated to packaging rather than other shows where packaging is tangential. I’m personally a big supporter, and I’m always grateful to the organisers for coordinating it; they’re a great team. 

Interviewer: What can visitors expect to see at the Foodservice Packaging Zone in February? 

Martin Kersh: The zone will be visible upon entering the show. We will have about 12 stands in the main zone. Visitors can expect to find themselves in an area where the language will be foodservice packaging. Ours is a friendly sector, so you will find much chatting as people get together. Visitors will also enjoy Foodservice-specific presentations with major operators, caterers, and suppliers, throughout the event. I will also be involved in the Big Debate, which is always a popular segment. It’s going to be fantastic and not to be missed. 


About Easyfairs  

Easyfairs organises and hosts events, bringing communities together to visit the future. 

We currently organise 200 face-to-face events in 14 countries (Algeria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) and manage eight event venues in Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden (Antwerp, Ghent, Mechelen-Brussels North, Namur, Gorinchem, Hardenberg, Malmö and Stockholm). 

We are passionate about “easifying” the life of our customers and increasing the return on investment and return on time for professional communities through our all-in formulas, advanced technology and customer-centric approach. Our digital features and initiatives provide these communities with excellent opportunities to network effectively and do business throughout the year. We listen carefully to create compelling online formats that meet their constantly evolving needs.  

The Easyfairs Group employs 700 highly committed talents, deploys the best marketing and technology tools, and develops brands with a strong appeal to our stakeholder communities. 

In 2018 Easyfairs was named Belgium’s “Entrepreneur of the Year®” and a “Great Place to Work”.  For the fourth year running, Deloitte conferred “Best Managed Company” status on Easyfairs in 2022. 

The company is ranked 17th in the list of the world’s leading exhibition companies.  

Visit the future with Easyfairs and find out more on www.easyfairs.com.  

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Latest news from Packaging Innovations & Empack