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16 & 17 February 2022 | Hall 1 NEC Birmingham


Flexible packaging experts, Polipaks, are as always, focusing on further developments in improving company capabilities in 2021. This will result in growing their extensive product range and delivering increased production capacity at their 35,000m2 production site in Latvia.

Since its incorporation in 1996, the family-owned business has continuously grown and now employs over 300 people, all dedicated to flexible packaging to the highest standard. With over 25 years exporting to international markets, Polipaks has a broad product offering supplying food, grocery, hygiene, industrial and pet markets with impressive service levels and delivering eye catching quality packaging for customers in more than 30 countries.

There’s a Polipaks down every aisle

If it is sold in supermarkets, you can safely bet that Polipaks can produce the flexible packaging needed to create the biggest impact on shelf. The range is broad and covers many product categories due to continual investment in state-of-the-art technology.

There is a wide variety of packaging for Meat products starting from different types of laminated films with or without high barrier properties, as well as pre-made ready Vacuum Bags or Stand-Up Pouches with excellent sealing properties. Fish and meat and can be visually appealing whilst keeping fresh under Lidding Film, with antifog properties, within aligned customer trays or thermoformed bottom films which together provide perfect lock seal, resealable functionality for intermittent use by the end user and is also available as a recyclable packaging solution.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables can be displayed with impact using fully recyclable or bio-based PE Wicket Bags that has macro or micro-perforation depending on customer needs. Even more perfect packaging for frozen Fruits and Vegetables can be delivered by using laminated films with excellent properties for freezing. Recyclable films are available for various packaging types, Polipaks will help you pick the most suitable option.

When it comes to Cheeses, Polipaks have several options. Most common products known among cheese segment are laminated films with high barrier properties that can be converted into any type, form and size packaging, so this can be adapted to individual customer requirements.  Like meat, a fantastic option for cheese packaging is lidding film which is available with antifog, easy peal and also re-closable/ resealable technology.

 The stand-out product has to be the Stand Up Pouches which have a bold impact, keeping the product fresh on shelf, whilst benefitting the end user with a tear notch for easy opening and press to close resealable system, keeping the product fresh once opened.

In the bakery category, Bread can be protected using Wicket Bags, which can be used for the heaviest of breads and supporting differing shapes. The high glossy or a tactile finish on design provides a vibrant impact and features a window or full-size transparency to view the product itself. These bags are perfectly suitable for freezing and has high durability and abrasive, puncture resistance and are fully recyclable. Meanwhile various types of laminated films are available for other bakery products.

Quadseal Bags are a firm favourite when it comes to pet food. From a functionality perspective, these bags enable up to 25kg of filling capacity of dry pet food and has excellent barrier properties to keep food at the right quality. This bag option offers a high impact retailing solution using all facets of the bag for branding design and is easy to carry on the go, due to the top die-cut handle. Available also on Mono structure, which is 100% recyclable and has better mechanical properties than regular PE structure. Once in the hands of the end user, the bag can be kept sealed after opening, using the press-to-close zip lock system to ensure the food is kept fresh for longer. For larger size bags to be easily stored, safely transported and kept dry, an anti-slip surface is offered.

For customers looking to buy film reels for their own product assembly lines, Polipaks have you covered with their Mono material Films, Laminated Films , High Barrier Films and also Collation Shrinkfilms from their product range.

Quadseal bag

Only the best will do for your brand

The Polipaks team strive for perfection during manufacturing to make sure customers get the perfect packaging solution that their brand deserves.

The full cycle production facility includes a pre-press department where artwork checks are conducted in-house by quality assurance teams and adjustments can be made if necessary. Print-proof printouts are all prepared by the Polipaks’ team of highly skilled designers using modern software technology.

Printing plates from the world’s leading manufacturers are used to provide superior artwork application to packaging during the print process. Expanded gamut printing used together with 175 lpi resolution improves contrast and tonal range, saves ink consumption and offers a cost- effective solution, whilst still resulting in vibrant packaging that gives a great first impression in store. Flexography print is much more accessible, flexible and adaptable to deliver printed designs at the highest quality standards. During print, quality control cameras, automatic viscosity controls and an automatic ink formulation is used. A fleet of printing presses produce varying quantities so the smallest to the largest standardized print repeat runs are available with uncompromised quality.

Backed by over two decades of extrusion experience, Polipaks gives customers up to 9 film layers also with barrier protection film combinations containing PE, PA, EVOH materials. On top of this film layer combination, production process provides customers with benefits such as matte, gloss, tactile finishes as well as antistatic application. Antifog features, UV stabilizer and other mechanical and chemical properties are also available to choose from, in order to ensure functionality and protection of the product and enhance its look and feel to stand out from the crowd.

Polipaks has a wide range of converting equipment from the world’s top manufacturers which offers a large choice of bag shapes with extra options for seals, handles, base shapes and product specific details such as tear notches, zip openers, handles, euro-slots, micro and macro perforation and embossing.


Added value is guaranteed

Through experience and using the best techniques and technology, Polipaks ensures the greatest value to customers. The attention to detail and quality standards are key to customer satisfaction, adhering with ISO & ASTM standards with more than 30 test methods. Polipaks also hold the BRC food safety certification, an internationally recognised mark of food safety and quality.

The end result is robust packaging, which will maintain product freshness and prolong shelf life, whilst being eye catching and protecting the products’ integrity. This, combined with highly competitive pricing, provides customers with the best of both worlds.

If you are interested in getting the best value for your packaging budget, please contact Polipaks at sales@polipaks.com for a free consultation to see how they can add value for your range of products.

Alternatively, for more general information, please visit www.polipaks.com


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