The PackHub Trend Report 27/03/2020

The future of branded and inspirational packaging

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The PackHub Trend Report 27/03/2020

Welcome to a packaging innovation trends update brought to you in conjunction with UK packaging innovation consultancy ThePackHub.

We have selected five packaging innovations that represent the many initiatives being introduced in the global packaging industry.  Contact ThePackHub for more information on our Innovation Zone database with over 3,800 initiatives. You can also book an online demo of the database here  If you’d like much more news like this, you can subscribe to ThePackHub’s innovation newsletters here.

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Berry Global's new oval tube

Fortune 500 global manufacturer and marketer of plastic packaging products, Berry Global has announced the introduction of a new format that is set to create a distinctive point of difference in the crowded tube market. Their new oval tube is extruded, formed and decorated at Berry’s manufacturing plant in Easthampton, Massachusetts.  The Easthampton production facility allows Berry Global to better serve their domestic market customers with enhanced speed to market and more economical transit costs. The majority of tubes are round meaning this unique shape flags to the consumer that this brand or product is new and distinct. The brand-differentiating alternative can also meet growing requirements for recycled plastic content as it is also available with post-consumer resin (PCR). The 5 cm extruded tube is available with the possibilities for premium-enhancing decoration techniques including silkscreen with up to eight colours as well as up to five colours with cold foil. The oval tubes are suitable for a variety of products, including beauty and personal care, healthcare or home care.

Magic Coffee Cup

An inventive and convenient way to prevent coffee cups from spilling has been created that also taps into the growing reusable packaging trend. The ‘Magic Coffee Cup’ concept has been invented by a UK start-up and has received additional funding to help make a reality. The coffee mug has been designed to make it difficult to knock over and uses a suction pad to keep the cup in place on a variety of different surfaces when not being used. The thermal qualities of the mug will also help keep the contents warm. Limited quantities of prototypes have been developed, which have subsequently sold out and the ‘Magic Suction Mug’ has been trademarked with a view to an eventual market introduction.

Eco pods

Californian officials have recently put measures in place to outlaw the use of plastic bottles for hotel amenities from 2023. This is generating a creative challenge for suppliers. Premier guest care products supplier Hotel Emporium is on the case with a new solution. Eco Pod is a personal care packaging solution range for the hospitality and leisure sector that could have applications outside of California and across the rest of the world. Eco Pod is single-use, compostable and compact and is an ideal replacement to the miniature plastic bottles. It is made from a combination of sugar cane, bamboo and wood fibres. The product range, includes shampoo, conditioner and body wash and contains up to four uses in powder-based formulation. The empty containers will naturally break down into organic matter over time. It is not clear under what conditions biodegradability is optimised.

Starbucks' new coffee cup

Coffee giant Starbucks is piloting new single-use cups in an attempt to meet their sustainability target. The new cups are an output of the open-sourced, global innovation challenge NextGen Cup Challenge. They look and feel just like conventional cups but do not have a plastic lining. It has been replaced with a compostable liner, making the cups both recyclable (where available) and industrially compostable. The new cups will be introduced in the New York, San Francisco, Seattle, London and Vancouver markets.   The BioPBS bio-based and biodegradable plastic liner uses technology from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. The new liner is melted and spread on to the paperboard before it is used for the new cups.   Starbucks’ long term aim is to bring both recyclable and compostable cups to scale around the world. The new compostable cups still have the same obstacle as previous ones in that few facilities actually have the ability to separate the lining from the cups. The chosen test cities have processing facilities to do so. Starbucks is looking for feedback from customers and baristas. 

V-Shaped water bottle

Leading equipment and services manufacturer for packaging liquids Sidel has introduced an innovative and distinctive packaging concept alternative for still water. The characteristic V-shaped 220 ml water bottle pack is made from 100% rPET and is extremely lightweighted at just 5g a bottle. The AYA design comes with a snap-on tethered cap to reduce plastic pollution. Branding and legally required information can be engraved in relief onto the bottle to eliminate the necessity for a label.  AYA features a specific deep base design to stack the bottles. This reduces the height to improve the whole storage volume. The base shape of the bottle has been designed to accommodate another bottle’s cap to deliver stability during storage and transportation. The bottles can be arranged to optimise any storage volume.

These innovations are a selection of over 3,800 uploaded to ThePackHub’s Innovation Zone database. If you like to know more about a subscription, please let us know.or you can also book an online demo of the database here  

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